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  1. 【OSIFU介紹】

    On the basis of Buddha Dharma, Osifu advocates that all religions are ONE and all globe is ONE. Further on, Osifu guides all human beings to ascend to the Cosmic Law— “Be egoless and unconditioned to perform according to the Way. Bring bliss to all under heaven and rescue all beings”. This is the general law of operation of the universe, formation, continuation, degeneration and becoming empty. Only when every soul and every planet follows this general law, can they achieve ascension and return to higher dimension of the universe.


    You entered into our group out of millions of groups out there. This is inconceivable Dharma affinity, good karmic affinity and relationship. You are welcome to share teachings of Osifu. Let the light of Proper Dharma shine over every corner of the worlds of all ten directions. Let us wake up all the beings in the bitter sea. Let us rescue all beings and return perfectly together with Osifu. Let us communicate our heartfelt voices, make concerted efforts and propagate the Proper Dharma.


    Contact Us(聯繫我们):

    Osifu Skype : sifu.o
    E-mail: osifu@hotmail.com

    Ocindy Skype : ocindy01
    E-mail: ocindy1977@msn.cn

    1.About us (關於我們)

    2.OSIFU Website(開示網站):

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    5.OSIFU English website:

    6.OSIFU FB Group

    7.Ocindy 修行感悟:

    8.Ocindy heart calling:


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